Programming instructions & important information

At this point, we certainly do not want to explain in detail how the Hidden & Safe module works to the “unknowing” thief or the curious visitor in your household.

Therefore please send us a request for the following instructions via this contact form:

  • Programming instructions: RFID lock Bluetooth
  • Programming instructions: RFID lock transponder
  • Programming instructions: Battery change
  • Opening and closing your Balzboard all locking variants
  • Important customer information Balzboard FLAP
  • Important customer information Balzboard SLIDER
  • Care instructions surface

As a registered BALZWERK customer, you will receive the requested information at the e-mail address stored in your customer database.


  • Please note that the surface may be damaged if not properly stressed or treated.
  • Keep in mind that your Balzboard is an interplay of carpentry and technician know-how and thus the construction is designed to the specified values down to the smallest detail.
  • Wood is a living natural product that works and changes constantly, therefore grains and wood texture may differ from the picture.
  • Please also note that every wall has different conditions, so we can not guarantee the one hundred percent durability of the enclosed dowels and mounting screws.

However, suitable dowels and fastening screws suitable for your wall substrate can be purchased at any time in the specialized trade and with these the assembly of your Balzboard can take place.

    I need the following instruction(s):